Sunday, 29 November 2009

Animatic Video

I created this animatic which gives viewers an idea as to what our film teaser trailer will look like. I drew each image individually in the same sized box, so that when I did eventually put the pictures together, it looked as if it were moving. Although this process was quite long and required me to have a lot of patience, I feel that it was worth it as the final result was quite successful and gave a good impression of what our final teaser trailer should look like.

I created the actual animatic in Windows Movie Maker. I did this by making the duration of each images about 0.75 seconds, so that the images would flick from one to another extremely quickly. This gave the impression of movement. I then added a song by the band 'The Script', as I felt that this slow and romantic music fitted in well with the genre of the film.

Sunday, 22 November 2009


This is my moodboard that I created using Animoto. I decided to include many images of London City, as this is where we want our film to be set. By choosing well known landmarks, viewers will also be able to clearly see that this is a British film. I also included some images of films that inspired us when we were creating the synopsis to our film. The music that I chose for this moodboard is extremely upbeat, and the lead singer has quite a strong 'cockney' accent. This again highlights the fact that our film is a British film. Inspiration came from films such as Alfie and John Tucker Must Die.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Final Presentation

This is an updated version of the presentation that you can see below. I have basically just changed the layout of it, making it much more visually interesting and professional for the viewers.