Friday, 13 February 2009

Front Cover - First Draft

Front Cover
This is the first draft of my front cover of my magazine. I created this front cover on Adobe Photoshop, as I feel that this software allows me to use many tools, such as the ability to add different layers, add shadow effects and being able to insert pictures, to create a successful front cover.

I added a few things to this front cover, which were not previously on the mock up. Firstly, I added the offer 'HUGE POSTER INSIDE!" This was because my magazine was inspired by 90s pop magazines, and all of these, because of the time period, would offer a large poster for the reader. That is why I too decided to include this offer to help persuade the user to purchase the magazine. Secondly, I positioned the selling line more to the top of the page, rather that below the masthead. This was because when I had positioned it below the masthead, it would distract the user from the main image, and this is the image that is going to sell the magazine. Lastly, I decided to add the word 'only' underneath the price. The makes the magazine sound relatively cheap, and therefore persuades the user even more to purchase it.

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Mr Lau said...

There's so many positives on this cover line. Nice script text for Alicia. Good masthead. Good image, clean editing. Poster, barcode and layout are all very aesthetic.

Here's some minor points:

The main image overlaps the masthead too much. It is rare, even on Vogue, Esquire, Rolling Stone for more than 50% of the masthead to be covered. Try lowering your main image by a couple of 1cm. You amy have to amke the image slightly smaller so that you still get a shot of her waist and maintain that high angle mid shot that you have.

Make sure all the reds appear the same tone.

Apart from these couple of points, it's a fantastic production.

Well done,

Mr Lau