Thursday, 12 February 2009

Planning my Photoshoot and Mastheads

Planning my Photoshoot
This is the plan for the main image of my front cover. I have chosen to call my magazine "My Choice", as while I was researching magazines, I realised that magazines tend to only be called names made up of 3 or less syllables (for example "Rolling Stones" and "Smash Hits"). This is so that they are more catchy and memorable, and longer magazine names would not easily be remembered.

Possible Masthead Fonts

These are my possible mastheads for my magazine.

  1. The font used for my first masthead it called "A Star is Born". I liked this font because it is extremely different and unique; no other matheads use it. The stars in the letters have connotations that the person on the front of the page is also a 'star' and is extremely famous. However, I feel that this masthead is quite immature, and would not appeal to older members of my target audience.
  2. This second font is called 'Starburst'. I chose this font because the letters are quite big, therefore attracting the attention better of users. However, because of the different lines that cut through the letters, it makes it quite difficult to read. They also have connotations of laser beams, which is does not suit the 'pop' genre of my magazine.
  3. This font is called "Adamgorry". This font is clear and easy to read. It appeals to everyone and is extremely unique. The white dots create the illusion of light bulbs, normally associated with famous celebrities. This would therefore suggest that the person being promoted on the front cover of my page is also a well known star.
  4. This final font is called 'Graphic Attitude'. This font looks as if it has been written by hand, therefore appealing to my target audience of teenagers. However, the use of scatchy lines is not associated with the pop genre of music, therefore not being particularly appropriate.
I have chosen to use masthead three.

[All fonts taken from]

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