Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Final Productions

I have changed three aspects of my last front cover. These are:

  • The date. I realised through doing more research that most magazines only show the month and year of when it was published, and not the specific date. To make my magazine more professional, I decided to change the date, which is located near the barcode, to '09 February 2009' to just 'February 2009'
  • I added a button to highlight the price. This button is round and filled with the colour yellow, which is one of my house colours. I decided to place the price in a button so that it stood out more and attracted a lot of attention, as this price is relatively low for a weekly pop music magazine
  • The font for my 'ONETO1' coverline. I decided to make this font a lot more bolder and exciting, to appeal to readers much more and stand out better. The font that I had chosen before did not attract a lot of attention, and may not persuade customers to purcahse it
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The aspects of this magazine that I have chosen to change were:

  • The page number. I had previously positioned this in the bottom left corner with an website address, yet if I was following my standard pattern of the website address only being shown when it is the page on the left, then this would not consistent. I therefore positioned the page number of this contents page, which would be positioned on the right page, into the bottom right corner, so that I am consistent and professional
  • Article number 23. This text overlapped the special competition, which was positioned beneath it. This made it slightly confusing to the reader, and takes away the attention from the exclusive offer. I therefore deleted article 23, so that all text on my contents could be easily read
  • The Michael Jackson tickets. I had previously positioned the word 'fake' over both tickets, which made them look as if this 'fake' was actually printed on the tickets in real life! If they were, then clearly they would be fake. I therefore decided to place this word over one ticket, to show that my company has placed the word there to show that they are indeed fake, even though they still look like the real tickets

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