Thursday, 18 March 2010

Final Poster

Above is the final draft of my poster. I feel that my final poster is quite successful. I have decided to keep it extremely plain and simple, which I feel helps make it look quite sophisticated and professional. I have followed many codes and conventions of movie posters which also help make my poster quite successful. Firstly, I have included the actors' names at the top and in alphabetical order. If I display the actors' names, then people are more likely to be persuaded to watch it if they are aware that their favourite actor is in the film. Secondly, I have included the film name in the centre of the poster. I have used the font 'Elephant', as feel this serif font is qutie sophisticated and gives users a good idea as to the kind of lifestyle the main charcter leads. Thirdly, I have inluded the tag line "Work Hard, Play Harder". I came up with this tagline as I feel that it is short and catchy, and allows users to gain an insight into Nick's way of living without even seeing the film yet. It suggests that Nick lives quite a hedonistic lifestyle, work hard but making sure he plays harder. It shows that he takes some issues in his life seriously, but is mainly interested in making sure he has a good time. Lastly, I have included a billing box, the release date and the website address towards the bottom of the page. This is all of the legal requirements, and basically states important information that users may want to know.

Whilst looking at other films, I noticed that they normally have two or three different posters. This is probably to keep viewers entertained and also to tell more of a story and allow viewers to see characters that may be featured in the film but not necessarily be the lead. As you can see in the image below, Alfie has two posters, John Tucker Must Die
has three and Hitch has four.

Therefore I decided to make three more posters for my film, each featuring a different girl. I have replaced the tagline with a quote that Nick says in the film, yet I have kept all fonts and colours the same as my house colours so that viewers are still aware that this is still part of the film 'Nick'.

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Mr Lau said...

Film title Nick should be in Double quotation marks, not single.

Please removed DVD Video logo, as it is a teaser poster, the film will nto be available yet on DVD...

Or did you state in your plan that your film was not going to be released in cinema's and would go straight to DVD?