Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Website Analysis / Mock Up for Website

Website Analysis
I have decided to look at three other websites of the same genre of my film to help inspire me for my own website. The genre of my film is a romantic comedy, which is why I have looked at the following films: "It's a Boy Girl thing", "Rumor has it" and "Music and Lyrics". I feel that all three of these websites are successful, yet nto one of them features a trailer on the homepage. I would definitely like to present my teaser on the homepage as I feel that this is the best way to really sell your film and make users want to watch it.


Mock Up for my Website

Above is the mock up for my website. I have decided to keep my website the same style as my movie poster, so that users will recognise it much more quickly. The font for the heading and main image of Nick will be the same as that on my poster, just slightly adapted. The trailer will be positioned underneath the heading, and I will embed my trailer using the website 'Vimeo'. To the right of the trailer, users will be able to see the tagline for my movie as well as the day it is realeased. The 'Enter The Site' button will be in the same font that I have used for the heading ('Elephant') so that my company remains consistent throughout. I will also place a box around this so that users are more likely to notice it. The billing box will also be positioned underneath the trailer.

I will have to remember to include two more things though when I finally get round to making my real website poster. The first includes icons for users to share my page on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and Delicious. This will increase the number of my site hits, and the film will gain much more publicity. I will also need to include a copyright logo underneath my billing box so that it clearly states this website belongs to 'LSA Productions'.

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