Tuesday, 30 March 2010


This was my original time plan that I created to help me make sure I was organised and on schedule to complete my work on time. I feel that using Microsoft Project to make my timeplan was and extremely effective way and a software that I would consider using again in the future. It is clear to see exactly what needs to be done and by what dates, and by looking visually at the Gantt chart, you can instantly see which tasks will require more time.

However, looking at my time plan now, I realised that I perhaps did not follow it as closely as I should have done. I was scheduled to finish all three aspects of the project (website, poster and teaser) by 6th March, yet I actually completed these tasks on the 24th March, which is 18 days late. I feel that this is because I did not give hardly enough time for filming. I did not realise how long it would take to film and how many times you would need to re-film parts as they did not look too professional when loaded and watched back on the computer. In this timeplan, I also did not take into account Re-Sits. The main actor for our film along with two of the girls all had re-sit exams in the week I wanted to film and so therefore, they were unable to. Therefore I was already behind a few days. I also realised that I did not allow enough time for editing, giving myself only three weeks. The editing process took a lot longer than I expected, especially due to the fact that for one of the week's that I had scheduled for editing was taken up by a half term break. This then meant that I was not allowed access to the recording studio and therefore did not have the equipment or software to edit at home. This then put me another week back therefore resulting in each of the other tasks that I had planned to finish by a particular date ending late as well.

I have learnt from this project to make sure that I take into account other factors such as Half Term breaks, so that my final time plan is something that I can realistically follow and it would be of a much greater use to me. I will also make sure that at the end of each week I check to see how much progress I have made. This will therefore result in me more likely staying on track and completing the work on the date that I was meant to.

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