Monday, 10 November 2008

Image Analysis

Image Analysis
In our first lesson, we learnt about how to analyse images, looking at the denotation and connotations of the image.
For example, in this advertisement for DKNY’s perfume range, we can see that the image is split in two. On the left is the more official page, with the logo, the perfume bottle and the slogan. The perfume bottles are also clearly positioned in the centre of the page. This is called framing and the editors choose where they position items for a purpose.
On the right hand side of the advertisement, we can see two models (one male and one female), and the woman is eating a green apple. As the new DKNY perfume is meant to resemble an apple in scent, shape and colour, the apple the woman is holding is also meant to symbolise the actual perfume. The lighting used in the image on the right is very warm and has a tint orange to it. This colour has been added to resemble the colours of the apples that are positioned on the left, hence making the whole advert focus on the perfume.
We then learnt about camera angles. For example, the image on the left has been taken as a close up camera shot. This allows the viewer to see the apples surrounding the perfume extremely close up. At this angle, we can see all the shades of the apples and the water droplets that are on them. These droplets have been added to make the apples look extremely irresistible and delicious, which reminds the viewer of what this poster is advertising.
All of these choices have been made for a reason. What we can see in the image is the denotation and the reasons as to why they are there and what they mean are the connotations.

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