Friday, 13 March 2009

Double Page Spread

This is the first draft of my double page spread (DPS). I decided to do my double page spread on a 14 year old teenager, who is about to become a famous singer. I chose to focus on this topic as I felt that the story was extremely unique, and would make people want to read it.

I feel that this double page spread is quite successful:
  • The main image on the right looks extremely professional, which makes my magazine look quite sophisticated. I used strong lighting to highlight 'Alexa's' face, and dressed her in darker clothing so that there was great contrast in tones and she would stand out much better on the page. I asked the model to smile, as this would appeal to the right target audience, and would give the impression that she is friendly and innocent. To emphasise this innocence, I also created a 'windswept' effect to make her look almost angelic!
  • The heading is written in a font that looks very much like handwriting. This reflects how young Alexa is, and makes it look much more personal to her.
  • I have positioned the pull quote in the bottom right corner. This is so that if users were quickly flicking through the magazine, they would look at this corner before turning the page. If they read this quite amusing quote, they may be pulled back and want to read the actual article. Also, I changed the colours of this pull quote, so that all text could be clearly read by the user, making my magazine user-friendly.
  • I used text wrapping, so that more attention is drawn to the image on the right. This is because it is the image on the right which will mainly draw the user's attention, and I need readers to be quickly attracted to this to make them want to read the article.
  • I have included the magazine's website address in the bottom left corner. This is more advertising for the company, and users who may not have known that they had a website will be able to realise here and 'My Choice's' audience may increase.
  • The slug is located in the top right corner of the second page, and it read "EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW". This makes the user realise that this story is only exclusive to the 'My Choice' magazine, and they are more likely to purchase this magazine as it is the only magazine that offers this story.
However, some aspects of it need to be changed. Firstly, some of the text is not aligned properly, making it look unprofessional (for example the word 'privacy' in the third paragraph). Secondly, there does not need to be a byline reading "Images taken by MediaProductions". I added this to make my document professional, yet because there is not a company called "MediaProductions", it would not be necessary for me to place this on my double page spread.

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