Friday, 13 March 2009

Final Front Cover

Final Front Cover
This is my final front cover.

The aspect of this cover that I have changed from my first draft is the main image. I have moved it down slightly, as it was covering more that 50% of the masthead, which would not normally happen. This is because with more than 50% covered, people will find it difficult to read. It will also mean that it is less memorable, and so therefore the user will not recognise it if they saw it on the shelf. This is not good for my company, as it means that our sales could decrease.

I feel that this front cover is quite successful. I have used two main house colours, those being yellow and red. These colours are known in the media industry for working well together to attract attention. They are highly contrasting, which make them extremely eye catching. Music magazines, such as NME, and even gobal food companies such as McDonald's use it for their logos. I have used these colours for my magazine so that it would stand out extremely well on the shelf in a newsagents, for example, and make people want to purchase it.

Secondly, I have included all necessary information to make the document professional. This includes the bar code, price, issue number etc. This gives it a much more realistic feel to it as well.

Thirdly, I have a used an image that is of a high quality, which makes my front cover clear and professional looking. I have also kept the amount of different fonts to about four, so that the reader isn't too overwhelmed.

If I were to approach this task in the future, I would probably have included more coverlines. If the reader was not particularly interested in the main cover story, then there is nothing much else on the page to persuade the user to purchase the magazine. If I included more cover lines about different features within the magazine, there would be more options for the customer to choose from, increasing the chance of a sale.

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