Monday, 9 March 2009

Mock up for Double Page Spread

Mock up for Double Page Spread
This is the mock up for my double page spread on 'Alexa'.

I have taken into account many standard conventions of double page spreads, to make mine as professional as possible. This includes the use of a slug, pull quote and drop cap. It also includes the use of text wrapping. I have chosen to make the text wrap around the image, so that it attracts a lot of attention. This is because users will only probably be interested in this article to read about how young this new star is, and the only way they will realise how young she is is by seeing her in this photograph. That is why I have used text wrapping, enlarged the image to a whole A4 side and placed it on the right, as this is the page readers look at first.
One thing that I will change about this mock-up is the position of the pull quote. I feel that I should position this on the bottom right page, as this is the place readers look to turn the page. If they have just skimmed over this article, the pull quote will grab their attention and may even persuade them to look back the article.

Photoshoot for Double Page Spread

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