Friday, 20 March 2009

Final Double Page Spread

This is my final double page spread, which I feel is quite successful. I have used many standard forms and conventions to make my document look professional.

Firstly, there is the heading. I chose to use a font called 'Hand of Sean' from the website This font is similar to that of handwriting, which has connotations of young students. This reflects the artist that the double page spread is featuring, therefore making it look as if she has written the heading her self. Also, the words "Say hello to the new girl in town..." suggests that she is a new artist, which would appeal to those who always want to be kept up to date as to what is happening in the music industry.

Secondly, there is the image, positioned on the right page. I decided to place this image here for quite a few reasons. One of those is because this page is normally looked at first when readers are flicking through a magazine. By placing a strong close up image on this page, it is much more likely to attract their attention and make them want to read the article. Secondly, I decided to place this image here so that it takes up the entire page because this was extremely typical in 90s pop magazines. Readers would often want to tear the page out and stick the poster on the wall, and if I had made my image any smaller, users would not have been able to have done this.
I made many decisions when photographing this particular model. Firstly, I made her look into the camera. This was because users would be more attracted to it, because she is making eye contact with the reader, but also because she looks extremely youthful and innocent, which is what her image is. Another decision that I made was to make her hair 'windswept' slightly. I did this because it has connotations again of innocence and even makes her look slightly angelic, which is what she is meant to be seen as for her to appeal to her audience of young children and their family. I decided to make the image black and white, because I feel that it attract much more attention. If the entire magazine is in full colour, this feature will stand out and make people stop to read it. I also used text wrapping to make the image stand out well on the page.

Thirdly, I included 'paparazzi' style photos. This was so that they gave readers an idea of the lifestyle that she is living. I decided to not use flash when taking these photos, and set the mode on my camera to 'continuous shooting' so that they would be blurred and have a slightly blurred trail. This was so that they looked as natural as possible.

Lastly, I positioned the pull quote in the bottom right corner. This is because this corner is where they look when they are about to turn the page, meaning that if they had flicked past this article, they would read this humorous pull quote and be drawn back to the article and maybe this time read it.

I have also included other standard forms to make my double page spread professional. This includes page numbers, a slug (located int he top right corner), text and the company website.

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