Friday, 20 March 2009

Second Photoshoot and Final Contents Page

Second Photoshoot for Final Table of Contents

This is my final contents page, which I feel is quite successful.
  • I have kept to my house colours of red and yellow, and chosen to use a white background to make them contrast well and attract the readers attention better. I have also used a sans serif font so that all text is easy to read. The features are clearly listed with the page numbers positioned next to them. This makes it clear for the user to follow and understand.
  • I have included three graphics to make the page appear much more visually interesting and exciting. Without graphics, the page would not attract a lot of attention, and because of the age of my target audience, they are likely to get easily distracted if there are no images.
  • Positioned at the top is the issue number and date. This means that the user can be kept well informed and up to date.
  • Cover stories are highlighted by the phrase "___COVER STORY". This is a unique way to inform the user of the features that are on the cover, meaning that it will attract attention more quickly, and readers are more likely to look at those pages.

1 comment:

Mr Lau said...

Marking work at the moment.

Why not replace image 10 with a michael jackson ticket.

You could try recreating this:

And lay it out like this:

I'm sure you could do this in 1 hour or so. It would look really good, extend your skills and maybe you stick the word FAKE over the top of the image once you're done.

I'm not condoning counterfeiting in anyway.